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Muskoka’s only Women’s Fitness Studio

Step through our doors into a safe space for all women to bring your own unique feminine magic to the mat.

Step through our doors into a safe space for all women to bring your own unique feminine magic to the mat.

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Full Moon Yoga Ritual

The Full Moon is a time of mystery, magic, and transformation. Align and Balance your Energy during the November Full Moon with our 1 hour ritual.
  • Sage Cleanse
  • Breath-work
  • Full Moon Yoga Sequence
  • Candlelight Gratitude journaling prompt
Just like the tides of the ocean are pulled by the phases of the moon, people are affected by lunar cycles too.
When a full moon rises you may feel restless or sleepless.
This 1 hour Yoga Ritual will help you find balance and re-align your energies on a full moon night.
Every Full Moon

Hi, I’m Agatha,

founder of Muskoka Barefoot Fitness. Muskoka Barefoot Fitness was born out of the fusion of all the things I love; yoga, fitness, barefooting, breathing and meditation.

As my passion for movement and flexibility grows so does my mission to create a safe space for all women to be themselves and truly have “me time”.

Whether you are looking for a winter outdoor barefoot session, or our signature yoga fusion class, you’ve come to the right spot.

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Our class programming is a fusion of yoga, pilates, fitness, grounding, and breath.

Personal Training

Our personal training programs are tailored to your fitness level and goals and have been developed through a fusion of traditional training and yoga.

Private Small Group Sessions:

In studio or onsite classes for up to 6 people

Barefoot Workshops

Fall in love with the simplicity of just taking off your shoes and grounding yourself to nature and the earth.

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Agatha is passionate and committed to barefooting and the health implications. She demonstrates this by leading by example. She’s constantly learning more about the impact of return to nature and with her background as a personal trainer and yoga instructor, Agatha has a lot to offer. And don’t be surprised if you see her walking barefoot in the snow!
Sue R

Agatha is a wonderful coach, meeting me where I’m at while pushing me that little bit further, allowing me to accomplish my fitness goals. She is experienced and professional, and always knows exactly how to modify anything I am doing, so that it’s ideal for my personal circumstances. Her depth of knowledge is extensive, and her passion for the work shines through at every class. She’s enthusiastic and genuinely cheers me on. I highly recommend Muskoka Barefoot Fitness!

Lindsay M

Agatha has been a lifesaver for me. I met her 3 months ago when I was looking for relief from aching hips, sore back as I was out of shape and in allot of pain due to covid shutdown of the gym I had previously attended. Starting off doing yoga for the first month to limber up and lose the stiffness. At 3 months in I can confidently say, that my hips and back are almost back to normal. We are now working on building back my strength and toning. Agatha is an Amazing Fitness Coach. She is so passionate about helping you to become your best. I’m truly grateful for signing up with Barefoot Fitness. It has changed my life’s direction and I am sincerely Thankful for that.

Angela L


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