Drag yourself on the mat during pms and your period, yes some months you’ll literally need to talk yourself into it, do it anyway.

Many women undervalue the benefits of movement during our weeks from hell. I personally have debilitating cramps and pms but yoga and exercise assist me immensely in staying human during my cycle. I still take Maxidol during the first couple of days to function but exercise brings further relief and provides me with the endorphins I need to beat the period blues.

Here is why the release of endorphins is so important while on your flow.

Endorphins are brain chemicals with pain-relieving, pleasure-inducing properties.

Exercise releases endorphins, which increases the feel-good chemical dopamine and relieves pain. One type, called beta-endorphins, can actually be more effective at relieving pain than morphine. Think of endorphins as your brain’s private pharmacy.

Exercise also decreases inflammation, improves blood flow, and increases your energy.

While movement produces endorphins it’s a safe bet that if your periods are the type which try to kill you CrossFit is probably not the best decision. Stick to more gentle forms of exercise such as yoga, walking or hiking.

If you practice yoga there are also several poses that will assist in pain relief. Below are a few you can try at home.

Regardless of how you choose to move your body during aunt flow the moral of this story is get off the couch to relieve the monthly pains.

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