This is your first page of a fairly long book. I’d say 365 pages is a decent size novel. Ease into it, linger at the doorstep for a second. That’s wisdom unraveling because plenty of times I’ve rushed into these pages with grand “new year, new me” intentions and then ultimately fell off the wagon.

We all have had this experience. Setting goals or “resolutions” should be done in baby steps. Instead of telling yourself you’re going to make into the studio 3 times a week start with 1 set in stone appointment with yourself and the mat. If you miss it don’t stress just move it another available day but don’t procrastinate.

We all need to take a collective pause and make this next 365 restful before we all crash and burn. As humans we feed off each other’s energy. Our adrenals are losing steam because they are being abused by forces beyond our control. So instead of inducing further anxiety with your new envisioned lifestyle ease into a new routine or a new eating plan. Don’t expect too much, in fact lower your expectations.

I have this dream of going plant based because after having done much research into the topic and have given this way of nourishing your body a few tries along the way to my education in wellness I would love to just embrace it. But I also realize how unrealistic it is for me today to just declare that as of day 365 I’m completely plant based. Instead I’m going to incorporate more plant based meals into the kitchen and fridge. Bring in changes subtly not to overwhelm my already rather full plate.

The less pressure you place on yourself the more relaxed and confident you become about the baby steps. Truly the most important aspect is that no matter how fast, slow or often you’re still moving toward a goal or goals, regardless of the pace you’re still ahead instead of standing still.

This is a long book, so ease into it, settle in, figure out a rough outline, introduce your primary characters who will help you instead of hinder your goals and begin writing your first 30 pages. The fun part about writing your own novel is that you have complete control of its progress.

Chapter 1.

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