Who knew Polefit could lead to this…

Let’s set the stage:

 The year was 2008 and following a crazy polefit session, I found myself laying on the floor of that studio sweating and dying of exhaustion  at which point I decided that I was going to own it. And I did! What I did not know at the time was that that class was my career catalyst.


After 7 years in the fitness industry learning everything from yoga to kickboxing, and owning my own fitness studio in Milton, I moved to muskoka with my family and fell in love with barefoot walking.

Muskoka Barefoot Fitness was born out of the fusion of all the things I love; yoga, fitness, barefooting, breathing and meditation. 

After almost 15 years in the industry I’m still thrilled and so excited to share with my clients the mental and physical benefits of our programs, classes and sessions. The best part of our program is that every class is different, you will never have the same set of movements or exercises twice.