Barefoot Workshops

In 2018 I met a mentor of mine by the name of Sue Kenney who lives her life barefoot. I was so intrigued by the practice; the simplicity of just taking off your shoes and grounding yourself to nature and the earth. I fell in love with the feeling of my bare soles uninhibited by shoes exploring different topography and movement while barefoot. 

I completed my Barefoot Coaching Certificate in 2020 and incorporated this enormous health benefit into my training. It is why I have dedicated my entire program to feeling the intent behind every moment whether that is in a Yoga Flexibility class or a Tush n Abs class from your sole to your soul.

Every class and training session is in your bare feet, this allows the 200,000 neuro sensors located at the bottom of your feet to directly communicate with your brain as it pertains to your natural posture and gait, all incredibly important factors in any exercise and movement program. 

Yes! We have Winter Barefoot Workshops in which we introduce the sensation of snow and cold to your nude soles and teach the benefits of cold exposure through your bare soles.  The after glow for your body is fantastic and has to be experienced especially with a hot organic tea in hand. Whenever you try an experience outside of your comfort zone you grow as a human. 

WHM Fundamentals Workshop

Muskoka Barefoot Fitness is beyond excited to be hosting a WimHof workshop with the best Muskoka WimHof Instructor (and my barefoot coach!) Sue Kenney!

Join us on Nov 12 and experience a connection to your breath and to your body like never before.

The Workshop will take place at the MBF studio and our plunge will take place at Hutcheson Beach in Huntsville.

Saturday Nov. 12
11am to 4:30pm

MBF will be providing refreshments and warm soup and tea following your plunge.

This is a Co-Ed workshop.


10 + 9 =