Muskoka’s only women’s  fitness studio offering yoga, pilates, suspension training, cross training, spin, various workshops and more.

Class / Passes / Memberships


Our class programming is a fusion of yoga, pilates, fitness, grounding, and breath.


Monthly/ 1 class a week – $65

Monthly/ 2 class a week – $75

Unlimited Monthly – $85

Semi-Private Sessions

In studio or onsite classes for up to 2 people.

In Studio Semi-Private Sessions


On-Site Semi-Private Sessions

(max 2 participants, within the District of Muskoka)


Personal Training

At Muskoka Barefoot Fitness we offer a different kind of personal training experience. Our personal training programs are tailored to your fitness level and goals and have been developed through a fusion of traditional training and yoga. We focus on developing flexibility to increase the range of motion and mobility while building muscle. Flexibility is where Fitness begins which is why it’s important to incorporate this training in tandem with muscle growth.


$50 – Session

$250 – 5 Sessions

OnSite Personal Training

$75 – Session

$350 – 5 Sessions

Flexibility & Yoga Training

Flexibility is where Fitness begins. This program will focus on developing flexibility and elongation of muscles through yoga, barre, and pilates exercises. In this program we work on stretching and developing the postural muscles. 

Bosu Body & Balance Training 

Looking to become a master at body balance while chiseling those glutes and abs? Who isn’t!  I fell in love with the versatility of the Bosu many years ago when I discovered how effective this little ball is in small muscle development as well as its nonstop use of tendons and ligaments most equipment isn’t capable of reaching.  And can it kick your ass in high intensity training! This program is about building strength and specifically crazy core control while improving your sense of balance to further improve your yoga flexibility or fitness journey. 

HIT Yoga Fusion Training

This triple threat program is our advanced personal training journey.  This delightful 45 minutes is a fusion of weight training, body strength training in combination with high intensity through the sets sprinkled with yoga stretches. This full meal training program  is body change enticing.

Barefoot Workshops

Fall in love with the simplicity of just taking off your shoes and grounding yourself to nature and the earth.

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